VIDEO : Downtown Greensboro 30sec spot

It’s been a very busy summer.

It’s hard to believe such a great project has happened so fast within past two weeks. The job was booked on 8/1 and the edit was completed in 9 days to create an ad for Downtown Greensboro. Producing, directing and editing all happened at the same time for me. Sleeping wasn’t even an option.  I’m very thankful for this opportunity. Most importantly, this project wouldn’t have been possible without the great talents and people involved.

Production Crew – Andy Augustyn, Matthew Justin Milliren
Drone – Brooks Hunt(intro,fireworks,statu), Jonathan Pfundstein(park)
Script – Norvell Rose
Audio Mixer – Evan Knipp
Logo Animation – Curtis Hare
VO – Johnny Geroge
Music – Silver Lining, licensed by TheMusicBed
Talents(in order) – Jay Jones, Mike Rollinson, Neill Newton, Stefanie Kiszely, Zachoary Owen, Josephine McCrann, Andrew Gadner, Sara Kinlaw, Lindsay Shaughnessy, Jonathan Ricardo Timber, Morgan Beverly, James Moody, Brian Crenshaw, Jv Buckner, Karan Harrington Moore, McLean Moore, Lanxton Sharpe, Desmond Sharpe
Special Thanks to – Lee Comer @Fresh Local Good foodgroup, Joe @The Forge, Brian Christopher Jones @Joy Mongers, Joe @ChurchHill, Center Pointe, Donald&Katie Greensboro Grasshoppers Baseball Park


Meanwhile, I’ve also directed as set on a Live Demo Shoot for a cover band, Radio Revolver and shot a wedding of my great friends Clair and Clair.

Lastly, My sauce business SACHI WHITE SAUCE has launched!



Recently, I had an opportunity to shoot a wedding as second cameraman. Haven’t done one in a long time!  Edited by Jaired Sullivan, First shooter – John ryan

I’ve been busy with a long term video project for Fresh.Local.Good food group’s new construction on the south side of Greensboro Downtown. This is a huge construction and I’ve shot time-lapses and interviews

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 2.09.42 PM

Here is my new work featuring a cover band, Heart Breaker. This was a very challenging job. Running 5 cameras with Andy wasn’t easy. Andy helped me big time on production.

I am currently on post-production for new menu items for Noma Foods and Boba HouseScreen Shot 2016-06-16 at 2.09.48 PM

Earlier this week, I was hired by my friend John to shoot a we shot an interview and a promo for Chasing Safety.

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 2.17.59 PM