I’ve been getting consistent jobs from Wrangler of its sustainability department. The following video just launched.  I’ve shot the interview here in GSO & used existing B-ROLL to edit the piece.




Wow. What an epic trip that was. I just got back from working in India for 23 days shooting a documentary “Banjo Earth India”; showcasing my friend Andy Eversole, a banjo player in GSO. As he traveled through India, I captured video of every moment of him introducing American Banjo & collaborating with Indian musicians in variety of cities. You can think of it as similar to an Anthony Bourdain show, a travel show but based on music, not food.

For now, I’ve planned on creating 4 short one minute sneak peaks. Then a 45 minute full length & 3 minute sizzler will be published down the road.

Below are

  • a cool video I shot in Toronto during my 24 hr layover
  • Sneak Peak #2 of India “The golden triangle”
  • my favorite instagram posts from the trip

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Property Brothers

on 3/12 Property Brothers production happened at my old employer, Albion Associates. I was hired as a sound tech. I was so happy to see Andy taking over my spot, doing a great job leading  the crew & directing the set.

Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 10.13.22 AM

A big gear upgrade

There certainly is a boundary between “need” vs “want” when it comes to purchasing & upgrading my gear. At this moment, maximizing the quality and efficiency are my top priorities and I had invested heavily on some new gear.

  • GH4 camera now brings me 4k in 60fps, 10bit video that are much sharper and dynamic. Paired with the metabone speed booster & canon prime lenses, this camera is a beast.
  • I bought a Rode NTG4+ and now the sound recorded using heavy duty XLR receiver that goes with GH4. This thing is beautiful.
  • I bought a few lenses to bring some interesting perspective to my work from super wide angle to shallow telephoto lenses, now I can cover everything exactly how I want.
  • Additional grip and transportation gear have been added to maximize efficiency and increase production speed.


Starting 2018 strong

This week has broken my record of the quantity of jobs booked in one single week. A lot going!

  • A fun job started today for Visit Greensboro
  • A job got booked with International Home Furnishing Representative Association. There is so much potential market in High Point, this is a great way to get huge exposure quickly.
  • Booked a job to create a cool live Promo reel for a band called The Bounce. This job is booked under one of the biggest live band entertainment company, East Coast Entertainment.
  • Booked two jobs to create pre event and post event content for Korea Fest 2018 happening on 2/17 in Raleigh
  • A start up company Market by SMS booked a job to create a promo video showcasing how their reward kiosk works to boost marketing & traffic for local businesses
  • Booked a post-production job with Wrangler


Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 5.34.40 PM