Photo : Promo for David Fraser

David is a very talented drummer. We used to be in a band together and I had an opportunity to shoot a cool promo for him at an abandoned mill in Greensboro. The lighting set up was very simple. It was a cloudy day and the room was filled with nice flat ambient light. I used a 21 inch beauty dish overhead. Little off center from his head, so the light falls off softly onto the subject.

fraser web final

Project : Sunsets Behind America

My obsession with time-lapse video and curiosity in travelling have resulted in a personal project to capture epic scenarios of sunsets all over America. I spent the first three consecutive weekends in March this year visiting Atlanta GA, Asheville NC and Charleston SC. Thanks to my friends Kurt, Josh, Hollie, Tobin, Scoot and Naggy, I was able to get the help and support I needed to set the gear up plus hours of waiting. I had a wonderful time exploring the cities and spending time with my friends. This will be a project that’s drawn out. Once I collect about 15 or so sequences, I am planning on creating a short well polished edit. Below are some BTS photos