Travel : Patterson School, Happy Valley, NC

My second year living in the US, I was 14 years old. At this time, my parents were still living in Korea, my aunt was in Kansas and my brother was going to college in Chapel Hill. The result was for me to attend a private boarding school for a year until my parents were ready to move to Greensboro, NC.

The year of living in Patterson School in Happy Valley was definetely the most influential time in my teenage years, both positive and negative. A mixture of not being able to speak fluently in English, being thousands of miles away from my folks and having to deal with a great boredom being stuck in middle of nowhere resulted in me turning  into an angry 15 year old. But now looking back at it, going through this difficult time has built a solid foundation for my drive to succeed and push forward harder.

In 12 years, I decided to visit the school on a beautiful Sunday a week ago on the way back from Nashville. I ran into the vice chairman Mr. Hogan and had an opportunity to share good stories. Half of the campus has been renovated for a church and the other half is now completely abandoned. There is something really odd, lonely and spooky about this little campus in the middle of the mountains but also beautiful and peaceful at the same time.

patterson 2


Project : Food Photography

Last Thursday, I worked on photographing a beautiful apple pie prepared by stylist Clarissa Anderson. I am hoping to complete 10 photos total then move onto building a stronger portfolio shooting spaces, both interior and exterior.

Here is a final collage. I kept retouching and the lighting as minimal as possible.

apple pie low res


Aftermath from the shoot



Staying Busy

So far, it’s been a really busy month. I am shooting so much that I am having a hard time catching up with post work. As a brief wrap up, I have taken a promo photo for a local band The Fair And The Foul, took gorgeous photos of a delicious apple pie, captured an epic sunrise time-lapse in Nashville, worked on a complex stairway renovation production and booked exciting new gigs for the summer.

The following photo shows my set up in Nashville and Albion studio along with my road kit.



Travel : NYC

Last weekend, I had an opportunity to travel with my friend, Lauren. The main goal was to travel to brooklyn first then get a nice timelapse clip to add onto my upcoming reel “Sunsets behind America”, capturing one timelapse per state. I had a blast randomly getting lost in different cities, roaming around manhattan, eating good food and capturing beautiful scenery.

Will be publishing a new sneak peak of the reel soon.