Video : Big Production in Moorseville, NC


I had an opportunity to direct the biggest production yet at Albion Associates Studio on Wednesday. The name of the client is to stay confidential for now. All I can say is that they make the best, high end outdoor furniture. We had total of about 75,000w’s of HMI lights, tons of video gear, models, designer, etc. A multi million dollar house in Moorseville was rented for the job.

Most importantly, I had a chance to shoot the production on canon c300. All the reviews and articles I have read about the camera really came true. The high dynamic range, clean high ISO, built in ND filter and the flexibility of the camera absolutely blew me away.



Video : Sherwin Williams Sample Reel

This was a very fun job that I did at Albion last winter for Sherwin Williams and sample reel I have put together has been published on Albion’s vimeo page.

Project : Food Photography

I’ve had a chance to work with the greatest cook I know, my mom. The dish is called Bibimbop. Hot steaming rice served with sauteed zucchini, bean sprouts, carrots, spinach, thin sliced seasoned beef and egg yoke. Add some hot chili paste and mix it all up!

korean low res

Project : Food Photography

I am loving the consistency of the look Clarissa and I are creating; Simple, clean and inviting. The beauty dish I got a couple months ago is turning out to be an excellent investment as well. With a 20 degree grid and a reflector, the magic happens beautifully creating a well concentrated soft light that has nice punch to it.

web final

Project : Food Photography

Thanks to Kabuto’s chef Ken for giving extra attention to detail!  The dish was styled by Clarissa Anderson. This was probably one of the most challenging photo I’ve ever taken. The lighting and retouching required a lot of complex techniques and patience.

web final