This is so far the most meaningful, technical and complex reel I’ve created so far. The work was done under Albion Associates with intention of showcasing the video team’s capabilities in a subliminal way. I was heavily involved in all aspects of the production including producing, directing, editing, composing songs and making 3D animation. Along with me was my right hand man, Andy Augustyne and I have a huge respect and grateful to have him on my team. He handled the camera majority of the times and found some killer angles and movements. ¬†Also my friend/co-worker Melissa Stanley did an amazing dual job as a designer and actress. With an amazing personality and experience, the sound tech, Brandt Clark, provided solid work on recording the food segment. I also want to thank Adrienne from Directions USA agency for working out a deal with WIll, the male model. Thanks to Cori and her grandma for renting out the pool and also thanks to Kurt and Tony for helping me with the timelapse shots last summer. Most importantly, my boss, Miles, has given me an opportunity to bring my imagination to life and I hope the reel can do its justice and bring a lot of new exciting jobs in the future. Lastly, none of this would have been possible without the hard working folks at Albion including carpenters, set builders, coordinators, sales team, designers, stylists and painters.