PHOTO : Assisting job for Speedo, USA gold medalists photoshoot

I had an opportunity to assist a Californian photographer, Justin Bastien, on a Speedo advertising photo shoot at the Queens University in Charlotte. The job was to photograph 2012 USA Olympic Gold Medalists Swimmers Ryan Lochte and Cullen Jones. The job was arranged from Wonderful Machine, a rep company from Philadelphia. I also got to work with a really cool assistant Britney from Black Box Studio located in Charlotte. It was an honor to be part such a big shoot.

photo below of me working as a human light stand, photographing Ryan Lochte.


MARKETING : New Business Cards

To follow up on the new updated website, I have re-designed my cards. I wanted the design to be simple, yet have it intrigue  curiosity and show my identity at a glance. The perfect solution was to add the thumbnails of my wok on the backside. I have completely eliminated any message showing my capability as a photographer, because one amazing quote from a  successful photographer, Jimmy Williams, always has stuck with me. MIght not have been his exact words, but pretty close

“Make sure to have a body of work that flows together and be good at one thing rather than trying to do too much”

Low res files of the design below of both sides:

Screen Shot 2013-10-19 at 10.05.15 AM Screen Shot 2013-10-19 at 10.05.00 AM


VIDEO : Ashley Furniture Home Store : Set Construction Timelapse

This is one of the most interesting time-lapse video I’ve created so far working at Albion Associates.  The video shows the progress of bringing all the elements together in the period of 17 days. A lot of people underestimate photographing furniture, but as you can see it takes a large team to make it all come together.  The entire timelapse was shot RAW with a 5D mark 2 with a Kessler Shuttle Pod. I also used a go pro and had it strapped on a painter, photographer and the guys moving the furniture. I also created graphics at the end and wrote the soundtrack.


VIDEO : Lane Venture

In the post made in July, I have mentioned about the biggest production I have directed so far, which is now released. Introducing Lane Venture, company that specializes in making high end outdoor furniture. The production was massive. Beautiful big mansion, big lights and tons of cool gear were used. The primarily goal for the video is to be played on Lane Venture’s kiosk machines all over America used by retailers.  The video has been a success and it’s always a good feeling to know the clients are happy with the product my co-workers and I have put together.