TRAVEL : Los Angeles

I took a trip to LA for 4 days. It was definitely one of the best trips I’ve ever had. I met up with great friends I haven’t seen in years. The food was great, the weather was warm and had a chance to see some amazing views.



photo 3

BTS : Busy Production, Busy Mind

I recently directed a pretty big shoot at Albion featuring a high end bath tub and faucet. I love the rush I get ¬†from a busy production set because it’s all bout staying sharp and getting solid footage. We rented a C300 and got some gorgeous footage.

There are so many questions that run trough my head like the following…

– is there any dust on the lens or sensor? / is the aperture, iso and white temp correct? / Is the codec and frame rate correct? / Is the dolly or track smooth? / Is the room lit correctly?/ Is there any moire? is there any funny shadows or highlights? Is the model ready? Is the model moving too fast? Is the backdrop lit evenly? How much time can I spend on a current shot? Is the set clean? Is the make up and hair looking ok? Are the reflectors in the correct spots? Is the focus good? Is the card backed up? Is the monitor calibrated? Is everything locked in securely?