Staying Busy

  1. Canon C300 mk 2

At work, the team and I have rented the C300 mk2 for a big job, shooting 4k LOG. The camera is a huge improvement from the first. The auto focus has more control, the bit rate is huge, the noise is cleaner and the 15 stop log gives so much flexibility for color grading. Paired with some rented mk2 lenses of 24-70mm 2.8 and 16-35mm 2.8, the camera has been a solid machine.


2. Time-lapse job

I’ve started a freelance job with a local restaurant/catering company Fresh.Local.Good Food Group. The company is expanding to a huge building in downtown and I’ve been hired to install go-pro cameras for a long term time-lapse. Throughout the progress of construction, I will be visiting to capture higher quality time-lapse and video footage to put together a solid edit at the end of how everything comes together.


3. Music Video shoot

A week ago, my friend John Ryan has hired to help him on a small production for a local indie-rock group, Even Chains.It was fun to do a small shoot with limited gear that challenges me to improvise on lighting and rigging.



Few Updates

Red Scarlet – X Dragon

Recently had another job at Albion using the Red Scarlet X Dragon. How dare I say this but I am not big fan of the camera. The noise is too aggressive and I find it little heavy for my taste. I would easily go with Canon C300 or C500 over any red camera.


Adopted Premiere Pro 

Finally decided to adopt using PR for all my  workflow. PR definitely gives me more flexibility for color correcting and stabilizing. For everything else, final cut 9 still does the trick.

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 9.42.50 AM

Fun video of my nieces

On  Thanksgiving evening, I made a quick fun video of my nieces dancing their asses off. It’s a good feeling to make something fun with no serious intensions as I do at work.