Here are some fresh new things that have happened lately.

  • I got to make a campaign video for City Council candidate Mike Barber. This video was ran at the Red Cinema.
  • I’ve recently shot a wedding and this is going to become my main portfolio piece. It’s going to be epic, cinematic and beautiful.
  • I just warped up a big job with NCCJ. Just had a 5 day marathon of editing.
  • My old employer, Albion Associates Studio, has been hiring me here and there as a freelancer. It’s been fun to revisit.
  • I’ve acquired a new client. UNCG Bryan School of Business. They booked two jobs! one is to create a promo video and the other is to create a fun xmas video.
  • Recently worked for Marty Kotis on the new installation of ┬ábeautiful mural at the Red Cinema.
  • Greensboro Downtown Parks has booked me for a two projects!
  • I’ve been busy working for a local band, The Distractors as well.
  • A&T video is coming out great.
  • Lee Jeans video is in post production.
  • Johns Plumbing is committed to making a new 30 sec commercial in January. This one is going to be emotional, warm and cinematic.
  • Downtown Greensboro is committed to hiring me to take photography for the branding & marketing in the winter.
  • CCIM video came out awesome. Hope to share soon.
  • Been booked to shoot a big project for Mohawk Flooring next week at Albion
  • Been booked to capture b-Roll of the holiday parade in High Point