A big gear upgrade

There certainly is a boundary between “need” vs “want” when it comes to purchasing & upgrading my gear. At this moment, maximizing the quality and efficiency are my top priorities and I had invested heavily on some new gear.

  • GH4 camera now brings me 4k in 60fps, 10bit video that are much sharper and dynamic. Paired with the metabone speed booster & canon prime lenses, this camera is a beast.
  • I bought a Rode NTG4+ and now the sound recorded using heavy duty XLR receiver that goes with GH4. This thing is beautiful.
  • I bought a few lenses to bring some interesting perspective to my work from super wide angle to shallow telephoto lenses, now I can cover everything exactly how I want.
  • Additional grip and transportation gear have been added to maximize efficiency and increase production speed.


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