Downtown Parks

I’m happy to become part of the sponsorship and contribute my video services to downtown parks in Greensboro. It was a lot of fun making the video below. Drone footage by others.





Here are some fresh new things that have happened lately.

  • I got to make a campaign video for City Council candidate Mike Barber. This video was ran at the Red Cinema.
  • I’ve recently shot a wedding and this is going to become my main portfolio piece. It’s going to be epic, cinematic and beautiful.
  • I just warped up a big job with NCCJ. Just had a 5 day marathon of editing.
  • My old employer, Albion Associates Studio, has been hiring me here and there as a freelancer. It’s been fun to revisit.
  • I’ve acquired a new client. UNCG Bryan School of Business. They booked two jobs! one is to create a promo video and the other is to create a fun xmas video.
  • Recently worked for Marty Kotis on the new installation of  beautiful mural at the Red Cinema.
  • Greensboro Downtown Parks has booked me for a two projects!
  • I’ve been busy working for a local band, The Distractors as well.
  • A&T video is coming out great.
  • Lee Jeans video is in post production.
  • Johns Plumbing is committed to making a new 30 sec commercial in January. This one is going to be emotional, warm and cinematic.
  • Downtown Greensboro is committed to hiring me to take photography for the branding & marketing in the winter.
  • CCIM video came out awesome. Hope to share soon.
  • Been booked to shoot a big project for Mohawk Flooring next week at Albion
  • Been booked to capture b-Roll of the holiday parade in High Point


The amazon video is now up. I was hired by the GSO chamber of commerce, HP Economic Development and WS Business Inc all at once to create this video to supplement Traid’s proposal to Amazon for building their second headquarter here. Using the existing footage from DGI, it was created in 1 week. Thanks to production help from Andy Augustyn, Nathan Weeks and Andy Eversole. In the video are Nancy Barakat Vaughan, Jay Wagner and Allen Joines, Linda Heyworth, April Heyworth, Bailey Hanagan, Julia Hanagan, Hannah Jeffers , Chloe Jeffers, Emily Henderson, Jacob Byrd, Stuart & Jordan at Fiddling Fish Brewery, Desmond Sharpe with his little man and Tyler Chaffee / thx to Zack Matheny. Julia Roach from DGI and Tom Philion, Amy Grossmann, Kaitlin Smith from ArtSGSO sharing the GSO footage for the video and special thanks to Brent Christensen from GSO chambers for hiring me

Repeating Clients

I’m so grateful for some of the clients booking me again. NCCJ has booked to create another annual dinner video. I also just finished a quick production for A&T Speedway to Healthy exhibition with my buddy Nathan. The event is targeted for educating young children to eat healthier.  I also just got booked for Lee/Wrangler (VF) to produce fun videos of their designers, which is happening next week. In total I have 12 projects going on, I cannot be any more thankful!

IMG_3930Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 12.19.59 AM


Folk Festival, New Time-lapse project & Gear Talk

Past weekend of the National Folk Festival here in Downtown GSO. It was an honor to be hired again by ArtsGso. Also special thanks to Andy for tagging along and helping me on production.

Downtown Greensboro Inc has hired me for a long term time-lapse job for the new installation of the 9/11 memorial sculpture.

Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 1.34.14 PM

I’ve improved on portability & efficiency of carrying small amount of gear. It’s a powerful combo for any scenario or location.

Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 1.33.42 PM

Taking a leap

I’ve decided to quit my full time job at Albion Associates and go full time on video making and growing the sauce business on the side.

So far, it’s been a beautiful thing, being able to control my own destiny & work from home.

I’ve also decided to change my title solely to market myself in the commercial video industry.

Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 10.20.05 AMScreen Shot 2017-08-16 at 10.17.41 AM