JOHNS 15 sec spot


I was hired again by JOHNS plumbing, heating & air to produce 3 15 sec spots.


SPCA of the triad

I had an opportunity to barter with Kathy, the vice president, of the SPCA of the Triad in exchanging of my video service to doggie day passes to her business where I drop off my doggie Oliver.

I was great to see such hard working, good hearted people making this shelter work and the video’s been created to help the organization raise money for expanding  into a bigger facility.

VIDEO : NEW spot for JOHNS Plumbing, Heating & Air

I met AC, the client, back in last summer. She was one of the interviewees of the video I shot for Actions Greensboro, focusing on why it’s important for young people to be involved in the Election Process. I had an opportunity to collaborate with Rock92/WKZL on the concept development and they handled the script writing, music licensing, recording and mixing of all the audio. This was such a fun project and I hope to shoot more commercials for local businesses this year.

Client – JOHNS Plumbing, Heating & Air
Coordinator/client – Anne-Christian Johns
Voiceover talent – Terry Christian Johns
Script Writer – Joe Davis
Audio Recording – WKZL & ROCK 92 (Dick Broadcast Company)
Director/Editor – Paul Byun
Drone Operator – Brooks Hunt
Steadicam Operator – Luke Thompson
Talents – Meredith Tanner, Fallon Tanner & Robert Fields


VIDEO : 509 Project by Fresh Local Good foodgroup

I met Lee Comer, the owner of Fresh Local Good foodgroup, to make a pitch on my food photography little over a year ago.  She wasn’t in much need of the food photo but  she was looking for someone to shoot a video of this new multiplex that was getting ready get built.  Since then, I’ve made visits on installing go-pros and processing time-lapses of this 14-month construction from start to finish. Paired with interviews with key members of GSO, timelapse, drone and steadicam, this powerful edit has finally been born.

Director / Editor – Paul Byun

Drone Operator – Brooks Hunt
Time-lapse operator – Andy Augustyn
Steadicam – Luke Thompson



I was hired by NCCJ of Piedmont Triad to produce/edit this video for their 50th anniversary, fighting against hate, bias and bigotry. The interview features key members of GSO community including Sandra Hughes of WFMY, Jim Morgan (former NC house of rep) and Dennis Quaintance, the owner of Proximity Hotel. Production Crew : Nathan Weeks Andy Augustyn

PHOTO : Wedding

I had an opportunity work for my buddy Lauren Quinn as her second shooter. Here is an image that I took. You may find it offensive but  I see a group of buddies having the greatest time in their lives. Totally CARE FREE.  who is to define what’s right or wrong when it comes to wedding photos. right?

Understanding the client’s personality and acting accordingly is the right move in wedding photography in my opinion. in this case, I became their party buddy.