Big Jobs, big responsibilities.

Followed by the DGI commercial, I’m thankful to announce new exciting projects for solid clients.

YES! WEEKLY wrote an article about the DGI commercial on their 9/8/16 issue 


I’ve been booked by Arts Greensboro & DGI to put together the 2016 Folk Festival Promo/commercial.


I’ve been booked to provide Drone/Time-Lapse footage for DBC Solutions (owns WKZL 107.5 and more divisions) 


I’ve been subcontracted to provide interview video dealing with opinions regarding young people being involved in the election process for Synergy / Action Greensboro. The video will be displayed at the “Show of Hands” event being held at the revolutionary mill on 9/21. 


The 509 project by Fresh Local Good food group (iron hen cafe) is keeping me busy as usual. This is a long term project and the edit is turning out great. 


At Albion, we’ve been on a 2 week marathon shooting outdoors for Ashley Furniture. Big lights + hot sun + shooting firepit can get very stressful


My buddy John Ryan and I had an opportunity to have a creative meeting with Kotis Properties, a large company that owns (almost) the entire midtown of Greensboro including Red Cinema, Burger Warefare and Pig Pounder along with a ton of commercial properties. We are pitching an idea for Red Cinema Intro and we hope this could take us to a whole new journey with Kotis.





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